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 Ian and Stacy are fantastic folks who love to share their passion for sport and Ojai with others! They can customize a trip for your level of fitness. Ian extended the trip I signed up for because he realized I was fit enough to bike another 7 miles. That meant I got to see Ventura beach, have coffee and still got lunch at the winery. Stacy is a certified nutrition coach and previous tennis pro. She lends a lot of fun and enthusiasm to an already fabulous day! Thanks to you both!

I contacted Trails by Potter to arrange a hike as a birthday present for my girlfriend. The total experience was top notch. We went on a day hike that featured great views and a decent workout. Their knowledge and experience was evident as they were able to match our fitness level with a proper hike/trail. If you're looking for something fun to share with a loved one, give the gift of a hike from Trails by Potter.
Pat McGee,
Los Angeles

I had a lovely half-day hike with Ian, who's as expert a conversationalist as he is a mountaineer. Ojai is undoubtedly surrounded by beauty, but if you want to get to vantage points that most locals don't even know about, I cannot recommend Trails by Potter highly enough. I climbed for 2-hours and arrived at a view of rolling green mountain overlooking all the Channel Islands. It was insanely, incomprehensibly stunning, and there's zero chance I would have caught that vista without Ian's trail knowledge.

Jim G.

Today I incorporated the new volley into my game. It's so much less effort. I'm looking forward to our next (tennis) lesson.

Ojai hiking and biking guide review

We enjoyed two great days with Ian and Stacy - biking and hiking.  They have great, warm personalities, and were excellent guides.  We learned a ton of local knowledge from them on a variety of topics, including indigenous trees, citrus and plants and their favorite Ojai restaurants. 
And, we also had many laughs along the way.  We highly recommend them to anyone looking for fun and knowledgeable guides!

Ed C.
West Orange, NJ

Ojai hiking testimonial by Diane

We came up to Ojai for a yoga retreat weekend and Trails by Potter lead us on a hike through the mountain!
The trail was moderate to easy and we had a blast talking with Ian and Stacy the whole time!
They both have bright personalities, good senses of humor and have a wealth of knowledge about the local area.

Oh, and they could also read when we needed a little break and provided some great little snacks along the way!

I would definitely use them again!

Diane, San Diego, 5 star review

My weekend in Ojai couldn't have been better and Ian and Stacy made my Birthday the best with a special guided bike ride from the Ojai Village to the Ventura Coast. They are caring, fun, professional and paid attention to safety! It was a perfect day with stops and stories along the way! They provided everything we needed - bikes, helmets,  gloves, water, snacks, and the highlights of the Ojai trail. I can't wait to come back and try a hike with Trails by Potter!

testimonial rock climbing ojai

Rock climbing on Foothill Crag in Ojai was smooth as silk. It's such a grand thing to have someone else bring all the equipment, water and even a few snacks. And I didn't need to know anything.  It is easy to feel safe and protected as well, since Ian has decades of practice and has multiple back-ups.  There is no way to mess up.

Very worth the price.  No driving, no packing up equipment, no gas, and Ian and Stacy are easy company. Ian guided us, and Stacy gave the personal touch of coming to greet us, even though she wasn't part of the day's tour.  It's a treat to have a small company's personal touch that way. Informal and comfortable. Ian even took photos that they sent to us later on. And they encourage the group to video/photograph for each other using one's own phone, so the climbers each have extra memories without having to send big files.

rock climbing in Ojai, CA

We are so thankful our aunt and uncle gifted us a rock climbing excursion with Ian for our honeymoon. We had an amazing time, and a very memorable experience. Ian is extremely knowledgeable about all facets of climbing and mountaineering, and his many years of experience make it very easy to trust him. We knew we were safe and in good hands. He had us laughing all day - which also helped ease our nerves. Ian even took us on a mini tour of Ojai to show us some of his favorite local spots. We can't recommend TBP enough - we look forward to working with them again when we are in the area next time.

Chelsea K.
Dayton, OH

Stacy Potter Testimonial


Thank you so much for taking us on such an interesting and fun hike today! We enjoyed the trails, your company and the gorgeous views.  Your knowledge of the local flora was just the icing on the cake for me. Whenever we hike in new locations I'm always frustrated by not being able to identify shrubs and trees that aren't native to the northeast. The fact that you knew what we were hiking through, and were willing to stop and share the scents and information with us was just so special...and so appreciated!

And thanks for the photos too! We love the "getting ready to start" and the "couple on the trail" pics! Those shots are so special too because usually we only have scenic shots on our hikes (we never think to take photos of each other). BUT...we should have have had the presence of mind to take a photo of YOU!!! We regret that we didn't do that!

Thanks so much again. You are a great hiking companion!

Hugs, Cec & Dennis.


I haven't gone hiking, or biking, or done any tours with Potter but I can vouch for Potter being a solid dude who saved me (a total stranger) when I was stranded in Ojai.

It's July 4th, 2016.  I set out for a bike ride leaving the beach at Ventura and riding about 20 miles up to Ojai.  By the time I roll into Ojai I had a flat tire and was out of air cartridges.  Being a holiday every bicycle shop in town was closed and I was desperate.  I had already walked a couple miles in my cleats into town and was quickly running out of options.  I go on Yelp and come across Trails by Potter and give him a call.  Luckily he picks up, I explain the situation and he asks me where I am, tells me to sit tight that he'll be there in a few minutes. 

Sure enough about 5 minutes later Potter comes rolling up to the rescue.  He didn't just sell me a tube and go on his way, he brought a patch kit, patched the tire for me, made sure I was all good, and refused to take any money from me.  Not only that but as he was helping me out two other women on bicycles rolled up and asked for help and he gladly obliged them too.  We had some laughs while he fixed me up and then I was on my way.  I couldn't have lucked out more that Potter picked up the phone on holiday when he didn't have to.

I got helped by a Brit on the 4th of July and couldn't have been more thankful!

Ross D.
North Hollywood

My sister and I signed up for beginning rock climbing. I'm glad I chose Trails By Potter instead of a popular outfitter that offers the same class. We learned a lot of mountaineering fundamentals from Ian: ropes, knots, helmets, harnesses, carabiners, rappelling, belaying, etc. in such a short session. There's only the 2 of us (my sister and I) in the group, and we had the whole 80-ft crag to ourselves. There was no haggling for attention from the instructor, so we got to ask so many questions. When I reviewed my mountaineering book at home after the session, I realized Ian covered about 5 chapters in that brief 4-hour session. I don't think I'd get the same value from a big outfitter company. Not only did we enjoy learning mountaineering fundamentals, or enjoyed the high of rappelling/climbing, we also enjoyed Ian's stories and his English tea. Ian and Stacy have very good, very positive vibes. It's very refreshing to meet people like them. I already signed up for the next climb!
Simi Valley

Ian Potter is our favorite hiking guide ever. I'm not super athletic but he goes at whatever pace is comfortable for you. Also, he's great with identifying local flora, knows Ojai history, and I must say he's very entertaining!
Super flexible, can make great recommendations on hiking areas, also great "insider" dining and entertainment tips.
He will bring walking  sticks, water, and if you're lucky yummy home grown oranges.
Don't miss a hiking experience with him. He picks you up at your hotel so it's totally stress free.

Jay C.

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